From 2017 onwards:

National Programmes & Workplans

Annual Reports


Fisheries & discards

Ulleweit et al. 2010: Discards in German fisheries in the North Sea and NE Atlantic

Probst et al. 2011: German demersal fisheries in the Baltic Sea

Overzee et al. 2013: Discard sampling of pelagic freezer trawlers 2011-2012

Steenbergen et al. 2015: Discard sampling of brown shrimp fisheries 2009-2012

Ulleweit et al. 2016: Discard sampling of pelagic freezer trawlers 2013-2014

van Overzee et al. 2017: Catch sampling of pelagic freezer trawlers 2015-2016


Recreational fisheries

Strehlow et al. 2012: German recreational fisheries in the Baltic Sea

Ferter et al. 2013: Catch-and-release rates in recreational fisheries

Weltersbach and Strehlow 2013: Recreational fisheries mortality of Baltic cod

Eero et al. 2015: Recreational catch and commercial TAC of western Baltic cod

Ferter et al. 2015: Effects of capture depth on cod in recreational fisheries

Weltersbach et al. 2016: Eel post-release mortality in recreational fisheries

Hyder et al. 2018: Recreational fisheries in Europe

Lewin et al. 2018: Estimating post-release mortality of sea bass by angling

Weltersbach et al. 2018: Estimating and mitigating eel post-release mortality

Pita et al. 2018: Recreational fisheries management & ecosystem approach

Radford et al. 2018: Impact of marine recreational fishing on key fish stocks

Weltersbach et al. 2019: Effect of lure and bait type in recreational fishery on Baltic cod



Sühring et al. 2013: Flame retardants in eels from German rivers

Kammann et al. 2014: Contaminants as indicators for eel habitat quality in German rivers

Sühring et al. 2014: Flame retardants in European and American eels in different life stages

Brinkmann et al. 2015: Toxicokinetic model for organic chemicals in European eel

Sühring et al. 2015: Maternal transfer of flame retardants in European eels

Michel et al. 2016: Fipronil and in water and European eel from the river Elbe

Freese et al. 2016: Dioxin-like PCBs and their relevance in eel stock management

Sühring et al. 2016: Evidence for maternal transfer of diphenylamines in European eels

Pohlmann et al. 2016: Minimum landing size in European eel fisheries management

Freese et al. 2017: Maternal transfer of dioxin in European eels

Westerberg et al. 2018a: Modeling of eel larvae drift

Westerberg et al. 2018b: Larval abundance of European eel

Kullmann et al. 2018: Bias in European eel ageing

Freese et al. 2019: Maternal transfer of toxic metals in eels

Belpaire et al. 2019: Impact of chemical pollution on Atlantic eels

Hohenadler et al. 2019: Impact of invasive species on parasites in native fish (incl. eels)